My new “Hen Bag”

I am the type of woman who doesn’t understand the need for a brand name purse… or clothes for that matter, unless it is Carhartt or good work boots.  In fact, my more fashion savvy friends have threatened to turn me into the “What not to wear” TV show.  Is it really that bad where I need intervention?
So I give you my newest wardrobe addition: the ultimate anti-fashion, anti-Coach, anti-Gucci, anti-purse= My rubber henbag.
The”Henbag” can be yours too!
First off, she is rubber which is great  for the rainy NW, but a little stinky.
Second, her zipper opening is a tad too small for my wallet, so  maybe I need to get her little chick coin purse to match?
Third, I love the weird looks and big smiles I get in public carrying a chicken under my arm… and absolutely love to see my friends flip out in disbelief that I would carry a “hen bag”.
But best of all, I love how she rides in the front seat of my car and in the grocery store basket!

The Hen Bag going for a ride