Workshops & Education

For over 25 years I have been passionately teaching a variety of topics relating to ecological design, helping people understand how to work with nature and integrate it into their lives. I am available for speaking engagements for industry events, conferences, keynotes, webinars, TV, radio appearances, schools and/or garden clubs. I encourage my audiences to be involved with ethical sustainable gardening practices and environmental issues that will preserve our natural resources. Check out the offerings below for topics that might be perfect for your needs.


Can you imagine an Eden or paradise, in which your thriving garden nourishes all of your needs? Or, are you looking to save time, money and your sanity as you embark on your homesteading journey? It is not only possible, and I can offer easy step-by-step instructions on how to do it!

NEW 2021: Climate Change in our gardens

NEW 2022: ReWilding our Gardens

NEW 2023: PNW Trees Part I: Stewarding a Forest Garden

In this seminar, join ISA Certified Arborist Jessi Bloom, in a timely workshop about caring for our trees. She will cover some plant ID, Arboriculture 101, and sound management practices at a time when our trees need it most. Climate change, pests and disease are all impacting the ecosystems around us – and many are wondering “is this tree ok?” as well as perennial questions like “what can I plant under this conifer?” Bring your questions!

NEW 2023: PNW Trees Part II: Designing Future Forest Gardens

Trees are a great solution to the challenges we face ahead with our climate changing, but they need to be chosen with care and nurtured in their youth. Join Jessi Bloom, an ISA Certified Arborist and award-winning Ecological Landscape Designer in this seminar about designing with trees. She will cover her favorites for a number of situations and ecosystems here in the PNW and how to ensure a resilient future forest garden.

Perma-What?! Designing Your Paradise with Practical Permaculture

Top 10 Homestead Hacks

Sustainable Garden Design 101 & 201

Food Forest Garden Design for the Homeowner - The low maintenance edible landscape

Permaculture 101 for the Gardener – How to achieve abundance and build resiliency!

Designing your own Paradise – create a great space with permaculture ethics & principles!

Right Plant, Right Place!

Purposeful Plants – Loving plants for ALL of what they offer!

Plant Allies and Medicine for the Earth


In the PNW, we either have too much or not enough of this precious resource, and permaculture offers us many great solutions. Come learn the basics of permaculture design and how it can be applied to water systems in our gardens and homes. Increase your ecological literacy and make life living on the land easier!

Rainwise Gardening – How to Manage Stormwater Beautifully; from Raingardens, to cisterns and more!

Water Smart Gardening - Low Impact Design

Water Wisdom: A Permaculture Approach to Hydrological Literacy

Weeds and Water: Wisdom for Resiliency


From domesticated animals to wildlife, I can teach a variety of classes for the beginner, the homesteader or someone who is managing live stock. From learning the basics of how to integrate chickens into your garden to understanding how to create resiliency in habitats, you’ll come away with a new understanding how to live in harmony with critters!

What the Cluck?! Free Range Chicken Gardens

Deer Proofing Your Garden


Are you ready to be a part of the wild tribe of little earth warriors? Learn and play with the power and magic of plants. Decorate and dream up all that we can be. You can even make an herbal dream pillow to take home and put to use!

Re-Wild the Child

ReWilding Yoga for kids

Edibles & Plant Medicine

Have you wanted to grow your own food but found it is too much work and takes too much of your time?  I will go over the basic permaculture concepts that employ design strategies from nature, so you can grow easy peasy edibles that are low maintenance, resilient and sustainable.  Plant and enjoy the harvest from your edible landscape for years.  I will cover basic food forest design and go over some of my favorite low maintenance edible for the Pacific Northwest – all perennials!

Have your Garden and Eat it too - Designing your Urban Homestead!

Food Forests for the Home Garden

Easy Peasy Edibles!

Easy Peasy Edibles: Perennial Food Plants

Eat your Weeds!

The Homegrown Apothecary


I am passionate about encouraging people to find their niche in this industry and empowering them to become leaders.

Leadership in Permaculture - Why it is needed and How-to

EcoPRO Training - Ecological Principles & Practices for Professionals

Careers in Horticulture & Permaculture

Starting a Permaculture Business

Sacred Space

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Learn how to transform our spaces into sacred places.  We can all intentionally create areas to reflect, recharge, celebrate, or to promote any soulful growth you can imagine. Classes and workshops vary according to need; sacred space can be created in any environment, by ourselves or in a collaborative group.

Mindful Gardening - Finding Zen and Peace in your garden with sustainable practices

Creating Sacred Space: Design & Ceremony

The Sacred Space Within

Sacred Space Design

Healing Emotional Wounds with Plant Medicine

Creating your own Sanctuary

To check my current schedule for teaching and to inquire about having me speak for your organization, shoot me a message!