Whether you are looking for a full CAD plan or simple sketches to convey ideas, I would love to help you. My design service is based on a thorough process which takes the client's wants, needs, style and budgetary concerns into consideration in order to create a beautiful and functional landscape – grounded in ecological and permaculture principles.

The design process is similar to what you would experience when you would remodel your home’s interior: It is an investment that you should be happy with once it is completed. There are many combinations and options available to you (material, plant selection, concepts, function). My mission is to design and build a landscape that is right for you and your family. Because every project is different and all clients have different levels of needs and involvement, I offer several design services to choose from at an hourly rate.

Drawings can vary in their level of detail or deliverables – so I will often ask what do you need to move forward comfortably with your project? For example, to start many people like sketches, for community projects many are done in CAD and have renderings to share at public meetings so the community can see what it will look like. 

To check my current schedule for teaching and to inquire about having me speak for your organization, shoot me a message!