2024 Calendar

Below are 2024 classes and workshops scheduled throughout the United States.  Please note that many events are by registration only, so be sure to check with the hosting organization to secure your spot. If you’re interested in organizing or hosting an event, please fill out the contact form to get in touch!

11/07/2024 7:00 pm

Rewilding your Garden @ Bellevue Botanical Gardens webinar


Permaculture 101

At New Start Community Gardens Burien, WA

09/08/2024 1:00 pm

Climate Change in our Gardens

Hosted by the Master Gardener Foundation of King County at the Bellevue Botanial Gardens


Unleashing the Magic of Plant Medicine Creations

PNW Witches Market Juanita Park Kirkland, WA


Walk & Talk @ Pine Lake Park

Cascade Water Alliance


Water-Smart Gardening

City of Renton in person class


Walk & Talk @ Ferrel McWhirter Park

Cascade Water Alliance


Ecological Garden Design 101

Cascade Water Alliance zoom webinar


Have your garden and eat it too! Online

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department webinar


Permaculture 101 (in-person)

Christianson's Nursery


Whidbey Gardening Workshop - Keynote: Re-Wilding our Gardens

Event info

Harvesting Eden: How to Design Your Abundant Food Forest

NWFGS Rainier room 4:30 Book signing to follow


Blooming Gifts: Unleashing the Magic of Plant Medicine Creations

Northwest Flower and Garden Festival DIY stage - book signing to follow


Food Forests for the Home Garden (virtual program)

Hosted by the American Horticultural Society


Lawn Liberation: How to create an oasis using good ecological design

Webinar Hosted by Cascade Water Alliance


Resilient Gardening

Hosted by Transition Fidalgo in Anacortes WA


WRPA: Adapting to Climate Change in Public Landscapes

Land stewards are now facing extreme weather and pest related challenges as well as navigating the complex human context from safety with visitors to management budget for making changes. The heat and drought are causing plants like keystone species to struggle and increasing noxious weed pressures, but some of the solutions can be quite simple. Join ecological designer, arborist and author, Jessi Bloom who shares practical ideas for tackling climate change challenges from her decades of experience in the field - both in the private and public sectors. She will discuss tree care, restoration, plant choices, simple maintenance tricks, water conservation and permaculture concepts to implement on the land for more success in this unpredictable climate.

10/30/2023 9:30 am

Drops of Change - Empowering Water Conservation

Join us for a Microsoft "Give" event with author and ecological landscape designer Jessi Bloom and help turn a trickle into a river for water conservation! Protecting water resources and promoting water sustainability are essential for ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. At Microsoft, we’re committed to being water positive by 2030, reducing the intensity of our operations on water supplies and replenishing more water than we consume. Our datacenters use water for cooling, humidification and utilities (as do our corporate campuses) and as demand for our services increase organically and through step-function technologies like AI, our water consumption must be sustainable. We’re achieving this by expanding practices like modern cooling methodologies, leveraging rainwater harvesting and water reuse facilities as well as atmospheric water generation techniques; and through our water reuse initiatives we’re also piloting ways to furnish water to local communities. But as societal pressures and changing climates continue to place stress on water in our local environments, water conservation in our daily lives is becoming critical to achieving long term sustainability. Join us online and in person in Redmond with PNW-based ecologist and author Jessi Bloom to explore changes we can make in our own homes and gardens to conserve water, live more environmentally centrically and help the planet.

05/12/2023 10:00 am

Forest Walk & Talk: Redmond Watershed

Redmond Watershed: Walks & Talks, a new Cascade Water Alliance program that invites participants to see the landscape through the eyes of award-winning ecological landscape designer, consultant and arborist. The Walks & Talks are unscripted, mobile seminars limited to 25 attendees, each will be an intimate encounter in local parks and gardens.

05/24/2023 5:30 pm

Creating Sanctuary - APLD

APLD of Sacramento, CA hosting online webinar

05/30/2023 7:00 pm

Rewilding our Gardens

WSU Vancouver WA - online webinar In this workshop be prepared to look at your garden from an ecological perspective... With climate changing, learn ways to make your garden more resilient and naturally beautiful, while minimizing your impact and use of valuable resources. This includes exploring lawn alternatives as well as what it takes to create habitat.


Walk & Talk: Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Bellevue Botanical Garden


Weeds: love 'em, hate 'em, or eat 'em!

Online sponsored by Cascade Water Alliance

10/09/2023 1:30 pm

Stewarding a Forest Garden

Monroe Garden Community - located at the Community Senior Center located at 276 Sky River Parkway in Monroe, Wa

10/22/2023 12:00 pm

Kirkland Forest Day - walk + talk seminar

132nd Square Park

10/25/2023 6:00 pm

Climate Change in the Garden

Hosted by Tilth Alliance and Beacon Food Forest - location Rainier Beach Urban Farm& Wetlands

05/09/2023 7:00 pm

Edible Natives

Sponsored online class by Cascade Water Alliance


Food Forest Design for Homeowners

Hosted by the Sno-Isle Libraries in Stanwood, WA

02/28/2023 7:00 pm

PNW Trees Part II:Designing Future Forest Gardens

Hosted online by the Cascade Water Alliance Trees are a great solution to the challenges we face ahead with our climate changing, but they need to be chosen with care and nurtured in their youth. Join Jessi Bloom, an ISA Certified Arborist and award-winning Ecological Landscape Designer in this seminar about designing with trees. She will cover her favorites for a number of situations and ecosystems here in the PNW and how to ensure a resilient future forest garden.

02/21/2023 7:00 pm

PNW Trees Part I: Stewarding a Forest Garden

Online webinar hosted by Cascade Water Alliance In this seminar, join ISA Certified Arborist Jessi Bloom, in a timely workshop about caring for our trees. She will cover some plant ID, Arboriculture 101, and sound management practices at a time when our trees need it most. Climate change, pests and disease are all impacting the ecosystems around us - and many are wondering "is this tree ok?" as well as perennial questions like "what can I plant under this conifer?" Bring your questions!

02/01/2023 7:00 pm

Raingardens for Homeowners

Hosted in person in Redmond

To check my current schedule for teaching and to inquire about having me speak for your organization, shoot me a message!