The majority of my projects start with a consultation: There are surveys to fill out that cover your personal preferences and site constraints as well as a contract that goes over my fees. Most consultations start around $350 and this small fee can literally save you thousands of dollars. During your consultation, I'll share the necessary knowledge, ideas and resources for renovation projects and finding solutions to problem areas in your landscape. Topics that are often discussed in consultations or ongoing garden coaching are listed below.
  • General design ideas
  • Plant health assessment
  • Recommendations for weed and pest infestations
  • Pruning suggestions and training
  • Plant identification and basic botany
  • Site and soil analysis
  • Transplanting and other gardening tips
  • Overall property management suggestions
  • To-do task list creation for the do-it-yourselfer


And much more

To check my current schedule for teaching and to inquire about having me speak for your organization, shoot me a message!