Meet our new little man: Trickster

In my search for photogenic gardens and experienced chicken owners I happened to stumble into a magical landscape where every nook and cranny was full of great surprises.  In this garden lives more than two dozen chickens, 7 of which were roosters. They all had stories and a family who loves them.  One rooster in particular was the low man on the totem pole and his feathers were being ripped out by the other chickens leaving a bald spot where his remaining feathers look like a failed comb-over.  He needed a new home… and low and behold, I have been secretly cruising looking for a handsome little bird of my own.  Perfect match?

Trickster to little roo

He is a white crested black polish rooster and is only a few months old.  I brought him home in a box on the front seat and he barely made a peep.  When I let him loose with the other birds, he was not hesitant to walk right up and say “hello”!  Two of my oldest hens gave him the ol’ chest bump “skwaaaak” to show him they were the real bosses… and the turkeys just slowly followed him around waiting for him to make a move.  Throughout the day me and the boys would go check on him and make sure he was OK, and often found him sun bathing in the dust under the big Doug Firs.  He kept to himself and seemed to really enjoy it.

At feeding time he was no where to be found and we went on a little search only to find he was in a thicket and didn’t want to be caught.  The chase was on – I think it helped develop all of our agility for soccer – he was quick!  We finally caught the little rooster in a stand of tall grass where he ducked into it with his head down as if we wouldn’t see his little puff of white feathers.   He is a sweet little guy, and seems to feel very comforted when held.  He survived his first day outside and night in the coop with the all of the other fowl… and we have yet to hear him crow…hopefully soon… when he reaches chicken puberty.