Life for Battery Hens might change in Washington State!

I was glad to come across a new organization  Washingtonians for Humane Farms, which is leading an effort in WA state to place an important measure on this November’s statewide ballot to prevent the extreme confinement of egg-laying hens.  Read here to get the numbers and facts about how this measure will improve public health, food safety, protect small farmers and protect the environment.
If you aren’t familiar with “battery cages“, this is where a factory farm hen lives her entire life cramped up in a space so small she can barely move, let alone lift a wing. These birds also suffer the common practice of debeaking to prevent cannibalism, which is just on of many health issues these birds suffer from living in these conditions. Most factory farm produced eggs you find in grocery stores come from battery hens, and it is one of the numerous reasons I keep my own flock of chickens and allow them to free range in our gardens.

Photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

If you live in Washington, please vote YES on 1130! and follow this organization on Facebook!