Coop Tour recap

Well, we tried our best, but there was no possible way we were going to see all 29 coops all spread out in Seattle in the 5 hours of the tour.  I tried to choose which ones to visit based on their descriptions and if there was a garden(er) present. Luckily we were able to see 14 coops in which several had fabulous gardens.  All of the hosts were incredibly sweet and eager to share what they’ve learned. Some of the homes were packed with people and there were lines to get in and out of the backyards! I didn’t end up having too much coop envy – but at some of the homes in the Edible Garden tour, I was amazed at many of the crops compared to my meager vegetable garden in South Snohomish County… my tomatoes are pretty pathetic in comparison. Darn convergence zone! Oh how I wished I lived in a warmer microclimate…

All in all, most of the coops were very practical. Here are a few of the highlights from ones that really stood out:
This adorable custom cottage coop was in the Wallingford area was painted inside too, and looked might cozy for any chicken! The builder had a flier offering to build more at a price tag of nearly $2000.

This modern coop was in the Greenlake area and was designed and built by a local architect.  I love the design and materials used.

This little chicken tractor is a custom surf shack!  Isn’t it darling?

This was our last stop of the day in the Lake City area.  It was hot and we were all tired.  There was a pretty large coop and an amazing garden too – the chickens had a run in one of the raspberry beds.  Note on the carport roof was several beehives!  This gardener also had mason bees he cared for.

I am looking forward to the next tour in a couple of weeks in Everett WA!