White Alpine Strawberries: my new favorite edible plant

Several years ago one of my design clients offered me some white alpine strawberries (Frageria  vesca var. albocarpa) from her garden.  These small creamy white berries have a distinct taste, much like the candy Sweetarts.  She told me wild birds don’t bother with them since they are white and look unripe to wildlife.  Since then, I have been on the hunt for these little babies to grow in my own garden.  So this spring I found them, both as seed and in 4″ pots, so I tried both.  The seeds were a limited success – inconsistent germination, but I got a couple of nice healthy plants growing.  The 4″ pots were pricy but are thriving and have been fruiting non-stop since late spring.  These plants produce runners unlike some other alpine strawberries making it a great groundcover, but prefer the soil on the moist side, so they are not recommended for hot regions.
Every day I snack on these in the garden – no one else seems to notice them- even the slugs!