Picardo P-Patch Children’s Garden

Currently I am mid-design on a project that is a great honor to be working on.  Picardo is Seattle’s first and largest P-Patch community garden and is actually where the term P-Patch (P for Picardo) came from.  You can read all about Picardo’s rich history and rich soil here.

In a couple of weeks there will be a public meeting  which will include presentation of a Master Plan (done by Nicolas Marin of Barker LA) and the design of the Children’s Garden — that is my job.

Site meeting in November 2011 with (L-R) me, Sara Egbert, Picardo's CG coordinator, Nick Marin, LA of Barker LA

The kids had a long list of fun requests and I think I got most of them included in the small SE corner of the site.  It will have many fun elements and one multifunctional shed.  Here are some rough sketches I’ve drawn that are going into a CAD program.

I will be updating photos and drawings for this project here, so that people can check it out during the process.  Another neat tool I have to show ideas is this Pinterest pin board.

Feel free to ask questions or shoot me an email!