Need Garden Help or Knowledge?

It may be winter but everyone’s brains are beginning to spin with ideas for what they would like to happen in their gardens this upcoming season.  It’s always time to gather more knowledge and NW Bloom offers consultations for your yard and property, which is a wonderful way to pick an experts brain and get a perspective that you may not have had with your garden before.  As spring approaches rapidly our schedule is filling up and consultations are getting harder to come by, fortunately for all of us, Jessi shares her knowledge not only with individual clients, but with the public through a variety of venues and on a large number of gardening and sustainability topics.  You’ll be able to catch her this year speaking locally here in Washington as well as the Mother Earth News Fairs in NC, WA, PA, and KA!  All of the event sponsors offer classes on all different topics, be sure to check out our speaking events page to see if there is a topic that interests you.

jessi speaking