My garden this August

Our newest furbaby - the ninja kitty "Rocky" likes to hang out in the garden and hide in the plants... then he jumps out and grabs your leg when you walk by. He also wrestles with our dog and hunts moths and voles! Good little kitty!

I absolutely adore this daylily - still blooming towards the end of August

Favorite perennial in my garden this year: Monarda 'Marshall's delight' Bee Balm

The new stone raised beds are loaded with tomatoes -some have ripened - we just need a little more time, some pruning and hopefully continued warm weather!

This one is so darn cute I had to take a picture!

Can't decide if I want to let this artichoke flower *or* eat it... pretty but tasty too!

A little bed at the edge of the pasture in between a cherry and a fig tree... which has its first little figs growing!