Miniature green eggs!

Joy: Over the winter holiday break our two youngest pullets finally started laying. This is always exciting for me — its like the girls hit puberty and have finally graduated into being apart of the mature lady flock.  Silly I know, but I hug and congratulate them like Margaret from Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret the classic coming of age book by Judy Blume.

First, on Christmas day our pretty girl the Silver laced Wyandotte laid her first smallish brown egg after 8 months; what a present!  I’ve been hearing her cackle and sing about those eggs at 10am sharp every morning.

Next on New Year’s Eve day, I found two of the sweetest eggs I have ever seen– miniature green ones!!  Our shy little grey bantam Ameraucana (or Easter Egger) was nesting in a bale of hay in front of the horse stall.  I hope she learns to lay in the nesting boxes like everyone else, and quick!   The eggs are so small that I think I’ll need 2-3 for every one regular egg called for in recipes.

Isn’t it adorable? So tiny compared to our brown leghorn’s egg!