It’s Almost Garden Show Time!

"Beep Beep!" says the gigantic loader at the NW Flower and Garden Show during garden construction

The Saturday before the big opening of the NW Flower and Garden Show has a way of making me extremely giddy but also raising my blood pressure at the same time — this is the day that garden creators start the insane process of building a completed display garden in 3 short days.  The excitement, the fear of something going wrong or not finishing on time, is an experience that one never forgets.  It is hard work, fast, fun and builds relationships with other garden creators, suppliers and our crew always loves it.  We can’t build a show garden every year, but I can always feel the timing of it, which is bitter sweet.  During the show is actually the best time – people are so happy to be inspired and ready for spring that the air is filled with joy– and the  sweet fragrance of plants coming to life again.  My absolute favorite thing about the show is seeing people that I adore, who all work in the garden industry – designers, builders, writers, artists, educators, etc. It is like one big family reunion!

I’m very excited about this years show, I’m not building a garden, but promoting by new book with something different  and fun planned everyday! If you are around, I’d love it if you stopped by to say “Hi!”…I’ll be here:

Wed:  7am King 5 Live with Christie Johnson.. later I’ll be checking out the gardens & shops in the morning

Thursday:  9am : Tweet up! (RSVP’s full) at  10-noon: I will be doing *FREE* garden design consultations at the APLD display garden.  If you are interested, be sure to sign up at that time here: Complimentary garden consults  at 2:00: Book Signing at the Molbak’s booth #402 near the display gardens, at 6pm: GWA reception

Friday:  3:15 What the Cluck Part 1 (chicken keeping 101) in the Hood Room, with a book signing immediately following

Saturday: 9am Radio interview with Phyllis Stephens of KXLY in Spokane 10am Radio interview with Mike Darcy from KEX in Portland 1:30pm What the Cluck Part 2 (Top 10 chicken garden plants) in the Hood Room with a book signing immediately following

Sunday:1:30 Book signing at the University Bookstore booth #212