Homebrew workshop Oct 26th

We are excited to announce the first of many workshops we will be hosting:  HOMEBREWING

Taught by Nick Strauss (AKA The Homebrew Husband) of NW Edible Life!

Hops growing on a fence in Kirkland, WA

Hops for beer growing on a fence in Kirkland, WA

Over the next few months we will be focusing on building a calendar of skill building workshops – everything from what to do with all the plants  in your garden – from canning to making herbal concoctions,  then, building raingardens and natural building projects – we are hoping to teach a wide variety of skills here at the NW Bloom farm.  Please stay tuned for more classes and let us know if you are interested in any particular topics.

OCTOBER 26th – Saturday 10:30-12:30 plus tasting <$25> Registration is required/Space is limited

Homebrewing is one of America’s fastest growing hobbies, combing the popularity of craft beer and rediscovery of the do-it-yourself home. What was once an obscure (and, indeed, illegal) hobby now boasts dozens of how-to books, iPad apps, online equipment retailers, and specialty gear ranging from one-gallon mini-fermenters to complete garage breweries with five figure price tags.

But brewing is more than gear and recipes, it is about making and tasting great beer and having fun while you are doing it. It is an art and a science, a creative outlet and a source of community, a sense of satisfaction and an opportunity to learn. Disentangle the surfeit of approaches and learn the fundamentals as veteran homebrewer and professional educator Nick Strauss takes you on a quick tour of the craft – and a tasting of the kind of products that can result:

· Survey global beer styles and how they influence the homebrew community
· Sample beer ingredients to experience how a homebrewer can create distinctive brews
· Learn brewing process and the variations available to homebrewers
· Slice through the confusion of equipment and techniques so you can start brewing in a way that fits your budget and your interests
· Explore several homebrewed (and commercially brewed, depending on what’s available) beers

Nick Strauss has been homebrewing for over ten years, creating his own recipes, experimenting with different techniques, and occasionally writing on the topic at the popular gardening, cooking, and homekeeping blog, Northwest Edible Life. He homebrews to get a creative break from his day job in business intelligence and to be a part of his family’s productive home.

Audience: Prospective and novice homebrewers or anyone interested in learning more about beer and how to make it!
Duration: Approximately two hours. A complimentary one-hour tasting and discussion will follow the event.