Falling for Cacti in Cabo

Its hard to admit but I am now fascinated and in love with cacti due to a recent trip to Los Cabo.  When I go on vacation I try not to think too much about plants since that is what I do day in and day out – relaxing should be my main priority!  When I travel to a different climate it is pretty useless to get excited about plants I will never be able to grow back at home, but they are interesting none the less.  Their history and uses and acclimation to certain harsh microclimates…
Well, cacti were only seen along the streets and in the wild scenery along the highway but no where near the fancy resorts where the risk of having a foreigner getting poked is probably
a little too high.  Their resilience and bold structure is what drew me in.  Out of all the plants that can grow in such a difficult environment, cacti seems to thrive with no attention whatsoever from people and still look unique and fabulous.

a round about in the middle of a busy street in Los Cabos

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