Day One in DC: A Hike at the Mall

The White House's Front Yard has a kitchen garden (left) and a beehive! (middle)

My first day in DC I went for an all day hike to see the sights and in search of gardens in the Mall.  I was pleasantly surprised by the food gardens in the front lawn of the White House and a nice big beehive to boot!  Next, I think the Obama’s need to get some chickens! Just think: Executive poultry– I could imagine them keeping Silkies for sure!  😉

On the left of the picture is a better view of the hive!

Throughout the Mall three is a ridiculous amount of lawn.  Almost no shrub layer, and Liriope seems to be the favorite ground cover used everywhere.  But, I was also happy to see “weeds” in the lawns throughout.

Lovely "Ecolawns" throughout the Mall in DC

Not having spent much time on the East Coast I was blown away by so much impressive masonry and intricate designs and details throughout the monuments and even in the smallest buildings.  The diverse architecture is amazing – lots of brick and stone — has a old prestigious feel.

Details on the old gate house building at one of the White House south entrances.

Loved the stonework on this little building on a busy intersection near the World War II Memorial

Much of my time was spent visiting many of the Memorials which was a very emotional and powerful experience.  I spent hours in the Holocaust Museum, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial among several others.

Abe Lincoln - 20' marble statue

A dragonfly rests on the Vietnam Veteran Memorial wall amongst reflections of the sky

The Washington Monument

Several of the “gardens”  labeled on the maps weren’t exactly gardens, but I spent all day walking around and ran out of time.  If I can I am going to try and make it back to the East side of the Mall and see the US Botanic Garden.  I also got a tip to see the Enid Haupt Garden and Ripley Garden!