Columnar Apples: Compact tree with regular sized apples

Want edibles but only have a small patio?  Live on a house boat?  Have very limited space? Who says you can’t have apples? Columnar Apples are the answer.

columnar apple starkbros_comThese wonders will do surprisingly well in a large pot and produce 50+ lbs of fruit on one 8 ft column or trunk. Wait, what? Seriously, 50 pounds of apples from one teeny 8ft trunk with no branches. For real?

Most apple trees can grow 20 ft in height and width but Columnar Apples just grow straight up and sprout fruit from short spurs on the trunk!? Tell me more about Columnar Apples you say?

Well okay! Here are the bits you’ll need to know to make them grow:

  • They like full sun and moist well drained soil
  • It is hardy to minus 30° F or USDA zone 4
  • The flowers bloom in April
  • You will need another apple of any variety blooming at the same time to cross pollinate
  • The fruit will be ripe to eat in September

And like we said above, will produce up to 50 pounds on 1 tree!

They will have a very small branches with the length maxing out at less than a foot. The Northpole (similar to the McIntosh), Golden Sentinel (similar to the Golden Delicious) & Scarlet Sentinel (similar to the Golden Delicious but will be yellow-green with red blushes) are all good varieties to eat freshly picked or for baking and cider making.

Here’s another idea. Need a screen in your garden? Make it a screen of Columnar Apples each planted 2 ft apart to ensure good cross pollination and good neighboring! In conclusion, anywhere there is full sun and water there shall be Apples!