Permaculture Design Certification Course with Advanced Training in Social, Emotional, & Cultural Transformation

Check this out!  I’m excited to be apart of an all-women team of more than 40 Women from 13 countries.  We’ve created a 114-hr online Permaculture Design Course, with advanced training in Social, Emotional, Personal, and Cultural applications of ecological principles and stewardship philosophies.

This program has been crafted to be an accessible, comprehensive online course for a global community of mothers, sisters, healers, activists, gardeners, problem solvers, and eco-feminists.

We’re training a new generation of permaculture designers with the skills they need to not only design landscapes and create closed-loop homestead systems, but also to manifest personal, cultural and ecological abundance.

To sign up or find out more information – go to this website and feel free to send me any questions!